Saturday, August 31, 2013

Putting It All Out There

First of all, I know I come up with the most lame titles for my blogs EVER.  They're TERRIBLE!  That's ok though, I hope you guys can make it past the title into the content because whenever I write a post, I really write from my heart.

So I've been on "Thrive" vitamins for nearly 10 days now.  I've lost 8 lbs. (Still at 8)  My whole family has been sick with a pretty bad cold for the last few days and I finally came down with a fever and stuffiness yesterday.  It's gone today though.  I feel great!  So great, I'm going to go out and weed my yard.  (My yard is horrid!  Half acre lot that I haven't had time to take care of much this year.)  I'm actually ready to go and feel positive that I can accomplish a lot out there today.  Which... is different.  Usually the prospect of weeding my humongous yard would leave me in fetal position, crying and terrorized.  Not today though!  It sounds like... fun?  Yeah... fun is the right word.  What HAVE these vitamins done to me?

I'm not sure how a lot of this works but I think the reason I haven't lost more weight is because my body has been working overtime to fight off this virus.  I mean... it would make sense to me that any nutrition would be used to fix something before it can move on to releasing more of my body fat.  Not being sick may not sound like a big deal but... I'm a Mom of 4 (yes FOUR) kids and I've been able to take care of everyone while they're sick and feel pretty top notch most of the time.  If you've ever been a sick mommy and tried to take care of your sick kiddos (let's face it... the husband is the WORST to take care of when he's sick) then you know how great it is to feel 100% and be able to take on the task of fevers, runny noses, coughs, dinner, still working, no sleep, controlling fighting kids because no one feels well, patting your husbands forehead and saying "Poor little bunny."  Hehehe...  Anyway... it takes a lot to not want to run into the bathroom, lock the door and scream "Serenity Now!"  Not that I've uh... ever... done that.

Anyway, I'm going a little off topic.  I've been thinking last night about this whole thing.  I'm not great at "selling" anything.  I can only tell you about my own experience and share the experience of others.  I hate "fake sales people" that don't care and only want money from you.  I can only "sell" something that I love.  I used to sell Pampered Chef because I LOVED their products.  Selling it gave me a way to support my habit of buying the kitchen gadgets that I love and it was so easy to tell people about the products, because I just talked about how I used them, what I loved about them.  It was natural.

I feel very much the same with Thrive.  The vitamins, the shake, the patch... together they have made an unbelievable difference in my life.  I am so incredibly thankful for them.  If you haven't read my posts up to this point then I encourage you to start at the beginning of my journey and read my thoughts and feelings about this and how it has literally, changed my life.

You'll see from one of my previous posts how much I hate the words "Multi-Level Marketing" and I was going to steer clear of talking about that altogether.  "It's the product that I love and I'm not trying to get people to sell it" was my whole motto.  Then as I was falling asleep last night I thought... maybe "selling it" could change someone's life equally as much as the vitamins do.  The company is pretty cool and the more I learn about the program and how it works, I am more and more amazed at how much this company can offer.  They have higher commissions, incentives to work toward.  Things like iPad's and free cars that you can qualify for and... they all seem like they're within reach.  Not something that no one ever gets.  I've honestly never been a part of a MLM and the more I think about it, the more brilliant I actually think it is.

For example:  If I invented a product.  Something great.  How would I get people to know about it?  There's the very expensive route of commercials and advertisements but something like this, maybe the best way is word of mouth.  I can't think of a better way to get people to talk about it then for people to TRY it, love it, want to tell everyone about it (like me) but then also offer those people an incentive for going out and doing it.  Give them a cut of the profits.  It's actually a pretty brilliant business model.  (I know, I think I might be changing my opinion of MLM's.  Scary!)

I'm still not going to push it but if this is something that you would like to know about, please contact me and I'll get you the information you need.  This company JUST STARTED, it's based in Utah (where I am) and we are very much at the beginning stages of what I feel like, is something huge.

I'm not promising you'll be a millionaire, (I'm not yet and it's been TEN WHOLE DAYS!)  :D  I'm not promising anything actually and I really believe you get what you put into something.  I will say that talking about this, has been easy for me because I really, truly love it.  I'm still in shock and awe over the difference I feel in my physical and mental life.  It has been an answer to many prayers and I'm so thankful for it.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Week, Cheese and Sit-Ups.

I've taken the Thrive vitamins, shake and worn the patch for one week now and I FEEL AMAZING!  I think I kept expecting the great feeling to wear off... but it didn't.  I have energy, I am positive, I have better endurance, I'm treating my body better, have a better outlook on myself and life.  I feel like I can handle anything that comes my way!  It is awesome to feel this way.

You may see the word "Cheese" in the title.  Cheese is very important to me.  Cheese is the thing I had the hardest time with when I was on HCG and Whole 30.  Oh how I love cheese!  They put an addictive chemical in it that makes me crave it fortnightly.  My favorite thing of late?  Grilled cheese sandwich, buttered on both sides with gouda, cheddar and another slice of gouda cooked over the stove until the bread is light brown with a perfect crust and the cheese is so melt in your mouth, you could die.  No really... you could seriously die if you ate that every day.  How unhealthy is THAT?  Also... I'm allergic to dairy a little bit but THAT never stopped me.  Oh yummy quesadillas!  Behold the royal cheese enchiladas!  I sing praises to my pizza with extra cheese.  Normally... even these statements would make me drool.  I remember they did, it was only a week ago that it did!  (I can't remember my kids names but I remember my craving for cheese.)  "Remember" is the key word.  I must have NEEDED something in the cheese, some sort of vitamin or fat or..  I don't know what.  I do know that since I've taken these vitamins, it doesn't even sound that good to me anymore.  It's so hard to explain but I'm eating based on how the food is going to make me feel instead of what I crave.  Now, I don't know but my opinion on this is as follows.  I think that when your body is getting everything you need.  All of the vitamins, minerals, etc... your body is able to fix itself better, cravings don't come because you aren't deficient in anything.  Think of how much better my body must be working because it's got everything it needs to run properly.  I think that's why I'm losing weight too.  I think my body doesn't feel that it needs to hang onto it anymore and is just releasing it.

I used to run.  Well... "run" in my brain actually means walking at a fast pace with a bounce in my step.  I should probably say... "I used to pretend to run."  I was training for a marathon, which I never got to do, but I did do several half marathons.  Then things happened, one of my kids was in the hospital then I found out I needed to have a hysterectomy, etc... For some reason, even though I haven't been running or exercising, I had it in my head that I was pretty much still in as good of shape as I was.  That is... until my son was trying to do a sit up the other day and I went over there saying "Let me show you how it's done!" and... I couldn't even do a crunch let alone a sit up.  So I'm working on it.  I can do up to five sit ups now... ahem... progress anyway.  I've been exercising on my treadmill for 20 minutes everyday and I love it.  I sweat and it's hard but I'm not dragging like I used to.  I actually really enjoy my workouts!  (Uh... did that just come from MY mouth?  Ok this is WEIRD!)

So the really cool thing?  I have had Plantar Fasciitis for 2 1/2 years now.  I've done physical therapy, anti-inflammatory meds, my foot has been taped up numerous times, I've had customs inserts made a couple of times by my podiatrist.  Nothing worked and sometimes I would be in so much pain, I could hardly step on that foot.  It's gone.  I didn't realize it at first but it's totally gone!  The pain has just... disappeared since I started taking the vitamins.  So crazy!

I woke up this morning feeling slimmer than yesterday.  I was pretty excited as I went to weigh myself.  I was HOPING to have lost 10 lbs in 7 days because yesterday I was really close.  I was at 9 lbs weight loss.  Well... today I weighed in at 204 which makes my total weight loss for the week... 8 lbs.  Still.  EIGHT POUNDS in one week is FANTASTIC!  That's as much, or more, than I would lose when I did the HCG and with that, I was only allowed 500 calories a day and had to give myself a shot! (So can't LIVE that way.)  I'm still so excited about Thrive I want to tell everyone about it!

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If any of you would like to try it, I'll mail 3 day sample to you for free.  Just let me know!  :)  

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bad Words

Before I start saying bad words.... I'd like to give you an update on how things are going.  I woke up this morning and didn't feel any different.  I wasn't very excited to weigh, took a deep breath and was nearly cringing while waiting for the number to come up on the scale because I didn't FEEL skinnier.  Risking one eye to look... I was standing in shock.  206.0  What?  Really?  I lost 2 more pounds!  That. Is. Awesome.  I didn't really know what to do but stand and stare and shake my head in disbelief.  I've lost six pounds now in five days.

I know I should be excited but... I keep waiting to be let down.  I keep thinking that any moment now, all of this awesomeness will stop, or go backwards and I'll suddenly gain weight.  Why do I have this fear?  Because every single time I've ever gone on a "diet plan", that is exactly what has happened.  I just keep saying to myself... if that happens?  That's OK.  I feel amazing!  ANY weight loss is just a perk.

OK.  I'm about to say some very naughty words.  BEWARE!

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?-  Bad Words #1 :)

One of the first questions I asked my friend after she started telling me about Thrive... How much does it cost?  Her :"Well for a 30 day supply? About $100-$150 dollars."  Me:  Whoa! I can't afford it so I probably shouldn't even try it."  (I remember thinking "Even if it was only $30, I couldn't afford it.)  Her: "Oh just try it... you'll be amazed at how much you'll save on food."  Me: (Rolling eyes.) Alright, but seriously.  We're super poor.  I really can't afford it, I hate to waste any of your vitamins.

Well... you all know how that went.  I love it so much I would sell things around my house to buy it monthly.  But I've been thinking about it today, and maybe I won't have to sell my first born after all! (She'll be so pleased.)

I need numbers.  I like to do the math, I like to know everything to the penny.  I budget.  That's me.  So, let's say like it costs me the max for 1 person.  $150/month.

Now I'm going to go really conservative on the rest of these figures.  We all know I was taking a depression medication, that I'm not now.  (Hallelujah!)  My portion of that was $20/month.  (For half the year)  If you go off of the other half of the year where I hadn't met my deductible yet?  It's $80/month.  I met my deductible in June.  Let's average those months out... so $50/month.

I was drinking 3-4 Pepsi's a day (on a good day)  That equals about $2/day.  $60/month.  (What?!  I never thought about that.  OUCH!)  In fact, I'm mostly drinking water.  Not milk, chocolate milk, Pepsi, Juice, Soda, etc...  Just water.

Breakfast-  The shake is my breakfast.  I always TRIED to have a good breakfast before.  I always TRIED To include a protein and a fruit or vegetable.  Then there were days when I was grabbing a granola bar or a bowl of cereal while I'm running out the door.  Maybe if I averaged it out?  $1.50?  (That's IF I never went out to grab breakfast.)  $1.50/day = $45.00/month.

Lunch and Dinner- I'm just not that hungry.  Honestly.  I eat significantly less than I did.  If I went out to a fast food or restaurant I would probably get the sandwich but not a side of fries.  I could probably eat the dinner salad but not the meal, etc...  Now, I don't go out to eat normally so that's hard to really go off of.  I do cook but for example, yesterday, I made tuna sandwiches with fresh tomatoes from our garden, we had peaches and I also bought potato chips.  I had just a couple of chips.  I ate one sandwich where I normally would have still been hungry after ate another.   I'm not sure how to figure or weigh this and it goes for lunch and dinner.  I'm just going to say... $1/day on average is saved on food?  $30/month.

I think you could all agree that these are super conservative figures?  So let's do the math.

Prescription drugs-$50
Food Savings-$75.00
Total Savings?-185.00

So...according to these figures, I'm actually SAVING myself about $35.00/month.  Not losing money.  Saving.  Even if you think my figures are off or let's say like... you don't have $50/month in prescriptions?  This would only cost you $15/month.    FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER MONTH to feel like a million bucks!  So worth it!

MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING (MLM)- Bad Words #2 (The mother bomb of bad word, at least for me.)

Every time I hear the words "Multi-Level Martketing" I vomit a little bit in my mouth.  I HATE this type of thing.  HATE isn't quite a nice enough word.  I'm filled with images of one of my Mother-In-Laws slimy neighbors trapping us in her driveway and telling us we would be STUPID if we didn't get in with "such and such company".  Uh... I guess we're stupid!

The thought of trying to get your friends signed up under you so that they are forced to go out and sign up other people and so that you can become a millionaire overnight?  GAG!  Are they really friends when you haven't talked to them since High School and they suddenly call you up and you're all excited because you haven't talked to them in forever and then they do their "sales pitch" and then you're thinking... "So THIS is why you called me. Not to catch up, not because you were thinking of me.  You want to make MONEY off me."  It's just awkward for everyone!

So... I'm telling you right now.  I am not here to get you to "join my team" or "sign up under me".  I will not corner you in a dark alley and call you stupid if you don't try my product or want to be a millionaire when you wake up... uh... because you won't be a millionaire when you wake up.  Well... unless you already are a millionaire, then you will be... still... maybe.  Anyway the point is... I'm not telling everyone about these vitamins for any other reason than... I tried them.  I loved them.  They made a huge difference in my life and if they did for me?  Maybe they will for you too!

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Skinny People

Have you ever sat with a friend that's like a super model and watched her down half of a meat-lovers pizza, or a huge burger with fries and a shake while you're 50lbs over weight and snacking on your apples, side salad and water?  Glaring at her, drooling over her food while she says "I've never had to exercise!  I just have a really awesome metabolism!"  GAG ME!  I like her, she's nice, fun, but I secretly wish that for just ONE DAY she could understand what it's like to be a "normal person", walk around with extra weight, no energy, watch every carb and calorie, kill yourself to exercise, and have done all this with no effect.  The frustration!  The sad realization.  Then the times of  "Screw it!  I've deprived myself so I'm getting an ice cream, 2 tacos, mexi fries, a Pepsi and just for good measure I'll throw in one of those deep fried chicken burrito things because I'm SO DONE!"  Has she ever had that happen?  I doubt it.  Oh what it would be to be THAT girl.

OR... Have you ever gone to eat with a skinny friend who said... let's just go pig out!  I seriously am STARVING and I'm gonna go crazy!  You're thinking cheese-fries, mozzarella sticks and mini sliders and she orders the salad with dressing on the side and says "It's the only thing that sounded good!"

Where do these people come from?  What kind of magical genes do they have?  Were they breast fed until they were 18 or something?  Seriously!

Then there's me.  Me who has tried every diet on the planet.  Atkins? Check.  Whole 30? Check.  Weight Watchers?  3 times, check.  Metabolife, Herbalife, Various other pills and concoctions (including Fen Phen eek!).  Green Tea.  Garcinia Cambogia.  HCG Diet (You can't do that for the rest of your life.  Seriousness,)  Some would work, some would not.  All of them I didn't feel like I could live that way for the rest of my life and I didn't feel that awesome while doing it (except the Whole 30) and with ALL of them, I gained back what I lost.  I thought... if I could just get down to a certain weight, get a jump start, then I could just eat right and exercise and keep it off.   I'm still counting calories though... still killing myself... and guess what?  I. Don't. Want. To.  I already have to count carbs, do math equations and inject insulin so my daughter can eat.  By the time I'm done making dinner, counting up the carbs on her plate, got everyone sat down, deliver her insulin, etc... the LAST thing I want to do is be entering figures for weight watchers or keeping track of calories before I eat MY meal.  I've done that and everyone is finished at the table before I can even get started on my food.  I can't handle that in my life.  :)

I KNOW my metabolism sucks.  My hormones are all whacky, my thyroid tests just under where it's supposed to be so I could go on medication if I want to but... I don't wanna.  So, I know I'm fighting against the tides but... should it really be THIS hard?  Really?  Why is it so easy for some people and so... impossible for others like me?

Well... I'm a "skinny people" now!  Really!  Me!  My 212 (now 208 as of this morning) self is skinny!  That's how I feel anyway!  (Yucky.  I just wrote my weight on the world wide web for everyone to see.)  I woke up this morning and felt... thin.  I felt like one of those energetic super models that doesn't feel like eating anything but good things for my body and that wants to drink water.  I weighed myself.... down 5 lbs.  That's great!  Could just be water weight though... I mean... you know how "diets" go when you first start.  This felt... different though.

After getting my kids off to school I took my vitamin, drank my shake, grabbed my water and went to do my 20 minute Jillian Michaels, iFit workout on the treadmill.  I started just thinking about things, listened to my iPod and started singing while I was walking.  (Yeah, I'm a singer.  Everywhere.) I looked down at my time because I thought maybe I was just about done with my warm up and I was actually almost done with the workout!  Not only almost done but I was on a level 10 incline and going faster then normal.  What?  How did I not notice the treadmill changing?  Usually I'm watching the numbers and incline change like a hawk and gasping for breathe and counting down the seconds because I know it will change when it gets to the minute mark.  I was... fine!  Perfect!  Third day of exercising and I felt like I could do a half marathon.  WOW!

Then I went upstairs to shower.  Stood in front of the mirror and noticed I had less fat on me then normal.  Could it really be water weight if I can visibly see 5lbs missing from my stomach?  Really!  Imagine 5lbs of hamburger spread out over your belly.  Now imagine someone just removed that.  That's what the difference looked like to me!  (That visual was SUPER gross.  Sorry about that.)

My clothes are a little loose.  I mean... ok... only FIVE pounds.  But FIVE pounds in FOUR days!  That's kind of awesome!  I don't expect it to keep that kind of pace but like I've said in my previous post.  Losing weight is just icing on top of the cake because the way I feel and the energy I have is the thing that is the most important thing for me.

PS.  It's been three days now since I went off of my depression medication cold turkey.  I've had zero symptoms from going off and I feel better than I have in a very long time. I haven't had one single side effect from these vitamins, I'll tell you if I do.  I'm still holding my breathe because I'm the girl that always gets the strange symptoms that only 1% of people get.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things You Can't Live Without.

I remember about ten years ago I was putting my iPod, earphones, PDA, laptop and cell phone into my purse and complaining to my husband about all of the different things I had to carry around.  Wouldn't it be nice if there was one single device that could be my phone, iPod, calendar and could handle my text, email and the internet?  When was something like that going to be invented?  Him: "They do have something like that. I think so anyway?  It's called an iPhone.  I think Blackberry does it too but without the iPod part."  Me: "WHAT?!  Where do I get one of those?"  A few hours later I had a new shiny iPhone in my hand and ever since... I could not live without it.  I mean... I COULD but... it makes my life so much easier, so much nicer... I really don't ever want to even think about it.

I don't have too many of those experiences in my life. There's always the people in my life that I could never live without, my iPhone and... oh yeah... my Pepsi Throwback.  I DEFINITELY could not live without that.  Seriously.  Can. Not. Live.  Can not make it through the day.  Can not make it until 10am without one.  Can not make it until 1pm without my second one.  Can. Not. Make. It. To. 4pm without another one.  I NEED it to survive.

Let me start over...

I'm a Mom of 4 kids.  A wife of one husband.  A business owner of an e-commerce business.  A daughter.  A church go-er.   A pancreas.  (Yes, that's right... a pancreas.) An optimist.  An artist.  I love to cook.  I love gourmet food.  I love people.  I love... life in general.

Nearly 4 years ago my youngest daughter (who was 2 at the time) was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that destroys her pancreas, she doesn't make insulin so I'm the pancreas.  Type 1 Diabetes makes my life crazy.  Day and night we check blood sugars and deliver insulin or juice boxes.  I don't sleep much. (Insert the Pepsi need here) That was also about the time I became very depressed.  It took me two years to finally get on a medication because "I could handle it. Things would get better.  It's not like I'm suicidal so I don't need medication.  As soon as I get through this part, or this time, or get this other thing under control... then I would be ok."  After 2 years of trying to deal with it, I wasn't ok.  This is all pretty private stuff.... why would I put this all over the internet?

Well... the other day I was talking to my neighbor and good friend in front of my house.  I didn't realize it at the time but I was about to have one of those "How did I ever live without this?!" moments.  I asked about a patch that she had on her arm and she started her story.  Now... I know my friend has been in pain, severe pain, for at least ten years.  She was on several pain medications, it was hard for her to exercise, hard for her to sit for longer than ten minutes and if she had to, she had ice packs all over.  I know she didn't sleep well because of the pain and I know she was addicted to Diet Coke, like I was to Pepsi Throwback to just make it through the day.

She told me how she found these vitamins that she took in the morning, drank a shake with it and that the patch she wore also slowly released more throughout the day.  Then she grabbed my shoulders, looked me square in the eye and said "I don't have pain, I haven't been on pills in over two months and the icing on top of the cake?  I've lost 14 pounds!  The pain stopped the FIRST DAY I tried it.  I don't drink Diet Coke anymore, it makes me feel sick to even think about drinking it.  I feel amazing, better than I ever have in my life.  I have energy, I sleep better, I can sit for hours and not have pain... I can't say enough about this new thing I've been trying."

She offered to give me 3 days worth to try myself because she knows how tired I am, how I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to lose weight and well... she's my friend.  Friends help each other. 

I was reluctant.  I do not do well on any medication, even herbal supplements can give me weird side effects.  I asked if it was soy based.  "No."  I was happy about that.  I've tried Herbalife and that was one thing (besides not losing any weight) that I didn't like about it.  The soy messed with my hormones.  I swear.

I asked if it had caffeine.  "Yes, but it doesn't make me shaky at all." she answered.  I was even more leary because I've tried Metabolife before and was so shaky I couldn't function properly and couldn't sleep well at night.

I wasn't so sure about it but I accepted the 3 days of vitamins, powder and patch that she gave me and vowed to try it the next day.  I left her with a "I have weird side effects you know!  Anything that could go wrong, will go wrong on me.  I'll let you know."

The next day I took both pills, mixed my powder into a delicious icy fruit smoothie.  Stuck the patch on my upper arm and felt... great!  Actually... more than great.  9am came around and I sent my friend a text "I've made it to 9am without a Pepsi!  LOL"  She laughed back at my sarcastic remark.

10am... great.  Noon... Awesome.  Around 2:30pm I realized I hadn't eaten anything all day and I should probably grab some lunch.  I wasn't hungry. Nothing fast food sounded good so I made myself a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce on a roll.  No Pepsi, water.  I craved water. 

Around 4pm I felt a panic.  If I didn't drink a Pepsi soon, I wouldn't be able to sleep later.  I grabbed one out of the fridge, popped it open and guzzled it down.  It didn't taste that good to me.  Normally I feel the caffeine and sugar absorb into my mouth and tongue and I get this... fix.  Instead all I felt was gross.  My stomach didn't feel good and the sugar felt like way too much.   "I will never drink this again."

My second day.  For the hours I slept, I slept amazingly.  Better than I have in years.  I woke up with so much energy that I immediately thought I wanted to exercise.  I got the kids ready, lunches packed, sent them to school and hopped on the treadmill.  I did 20 minutes which only 1 month earlier made me feel tired and exhausted.  I haven't done it in the last 30 days but that's what I remember from the last time I exercised.  I had energy, I felt good, I could accomplish so much.  I felt so positive... like how I'm supposed to be.  How I was... before my daughter's diagnoses.  I could do it.  I could be everything and anything I wanted.  I thought about how my friend had gone off of her pain meds and as the time came around to take my depression medication... I just decided not to.  (This was a personal decision and I do NOT recommend anyone else stop taking any medication cold turkey.  Talk to your Doctor.)  Anyway... I felt THAT good.  I told my husband I was stopping so that if I had any weird reaction, he would know what was happening.  I felt so amazing that I called my friend.  "I want more of this and I want to sell it.  I want to tell everyone about this!"  I went from being highly skeptical to signing up to promote this product within 48 hour of trying it.

Today is my third day, I can't tell you how fantastic I feel, how full of life and energy I feel.  How happy I am.  I don't feel like eating anything much other than fruit, vegetables and lean protein.  I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!  I never want a Pepsi again.  I don't ever want to be on depression medication again.  I don't ever want to feel like I'm only living half my life because of lack of energy and stamina.  I love drinking water, in fact... I think I may need to cut back a little on the water.  I've lost 3 pounds in two days so far.   I don't expect to keep going at that rate and I honestly don't care if I lose any more (although I have it to lose).  Like my friend said, that's just icing on top of the cake at this point.  I don't get on board with stuff like this easily and I definitely wouldn't tell you about it if it didn't work miracles for me.

If you would like to try it, I'll send you three days worth of what I have so you can try it out for yourself.  I won't pressure you, I'll ask how you like it and if it's not for you, it's not for you.  If you're like me though... you won't be able to live without it.

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